To vote within the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s DAO, a token holder must first hold the RMH Utility Token as specified in the following: Every 1,000,000 (One Million), RMH Utility Tokens represent one vote within the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s DAO system. All decisions for the governance of the RMH Utility Token must receive a simple majority of fifty-one per cent (51%), of the votes from those who vote and are valid RMH UtilityToken holders eligible to vote. The process for voting is as follows:

  • One week for evaluation of all new proposals for healthcare, health and wellness field DAPPS or the purchase of assets or monies paid for podcasts and advocacy.

  • One week for the voting of proposals by the off-chain method social media

  • One week for final review by the council and Tech Development Team

  • Final notification of the outcome of the vote and development process.

  • Etc

The RMH Utility Token DAO Council is currently comprised of two Council Members. The Council Members will help guide the proposal, evaluation, voting, and implementation process for the RMH Utility Token DAO. The maximum number of Council Members will be set at three. The third member of the council may be voted on with the approval of the current council.

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