The RMH Utility Token DAO Grant program is designed to directly help with the growth and expansion of the RMH Utility Token DAO ecosystem through our healthcare, health, and wellness DAPPs. The program can make grant allocations between one thousand to one hundred thousand dollars USD in either RMH Utility Tokens or Ethereum. All grants will be released on a schedule of stage completion basis with anything in the RMH DAO ecosystem.

The RMH Utility Token DAO aims to support a wide variety of products and services as defined by its roadmap. Companies/entities awarded should be outside teams that have shown history and knowledge of delivered blockchain, AI, Web3 and or metaverse projects in the healthcare, health and wellness field. The RMH Utility Token DAO technical developer team will oversee these teams until the completion of the teamโ€™s project is successful.

The security of cryptocurrency assets is one of the most important elements in the blockchain industry. The RMH Utility Token DAO council will make every effort to ensure the security of the token and smart contracts are a number one priority.

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