๐ŸงŠToken Offering

RMH Utility Tokens will become available to the public in October, 2022. The RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s Public Sale will run for a specific period of time. Shortly thereafter the live token launch will begin and tokens will be delivered through the vesting schedule per the vesting schedule by your purchase. We are offering the RMH Utility Token which has a governance that gives rights that are structured as a DAO to allow decision-making abilities to its token holders. Buyers that participate in the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s discounted public sale and then full public offering will be given RMH tokens and access to the healthcare, business technology DAPPS. RMH Utility Token DAO is a fully integrated ecosystem of decentralized business services, healthcare, and technology DAPP services built on blockchain, AI and Metaverse technologies and controlled by its users collectively.

Its governance is run upon a digital token called RMH. The RMH Utility Token allows its holders to participate in decisions affecting the tokenโ€™s parameters of the business services, healthcare, health and wellness DAPPS, NFT purchases, podcasts and healthcare advocacy services and fitness apps. RMH Utility Token is available for purchase giving the buyer a say as well as access to Business services and healthcare and health and wellness DAPPS that will be available to holders to create a higher quality of life and health. The maximum purchase for any one person is 2% of the tokens offered.

Sale Price Information

โœ… Launchpad Public Sale Price: 0.00002

โœ… Listing Price: 0.000025

โœ… Total Supply: 500.000.000.000

Vesting Schedule

Total 500,000,000,000 (Five Hundred Billion)

RMH Utility Token DAO is a decentralized application built on Ethereum and BSC blockchain infrastructure that is faster and more reliable than traditional IT systems.


  1. Off-Chain voting platforms through social media and a web3 site voting mechanism.

  2. A governance token called RMH confers upon its holdersโ€™ voting rights and a shared value in the DAPPS created.

The RMH Utility tokenโ€™s DAO council will ensure the release and development of the RMH Utility Token DAO until when the community is established enough to maintain the RMH Utility Token in a fully decentralized manner. The RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s DAO Council is also responsible for safeguarding intangible and tangible assets of the project such as trademarks, and copyright physical assets.

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