๐ŸงซCompensation; Asset Accounts; RMH Utility Token DAO Funds


RMH Utility Token holders, Councilors, and non-holders may receive compensation as independent contractors on particular tasks undertaken through the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s DAO. All compensation may be approved from time to time through the DAO structure, including, but not limited to services of the Councilor to the DAO and services by any holder or non-holder to a third party on behalf of the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s projects or directly to the Council. At such times any amount must be approved by a vote of the holders or as established in the regulations. Neither Holders, Councilors, nor non-holders will receive distributions from the RMH Utility Token aside from such compensation unless the holders or regulations approve such distributions. The only exclusion is the transaction fees set up in the creation of the smart RMH Utility Token smart contract by the founding council members.

RMH Utility Token DAO Funds

DAO funds may consist of traditional currency or of digital assets, including, but not limited to, cryptocurrencies and digital tokens of any type. All RMH Utility Token DAO funds consisting of traditional currency shall be deposited in such bank accounts or invested as designated by the Councilors. RMH Utility Token DAO funds consisting of digital assets shall be held in such a manner as may be designated by a vote of the Holders. In whatever form, such funds shall not be commingled with funds of any other entity managed, controlled, owned or advised by any of the holders. All withdrawals from any traditional currency accounts shall be made only by a Councilor or by other persons duly authorized by the RMH Utility Token DAO to make such withdrawals. Transfers of digital assets may be made by duly authorized persons or through duly authorized "smart contracts," or other automatic means approved by the Members.

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