๐Ÿ“šDistributions; Financial Reporting; Books and Records


The RMH Utility Token holders will make all decisions related to distributions of cash or any form of currency (including, but not limited to, cryptocurrencies and digital tokens). For the first two years, in order to efficiently create the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s DAO products and services, the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s assets will be professionally managed by its initial founding council members with guidance from qualified advisors.

Financial Reporting:

Each RMH Utility Token DAO voter agrees to be bound by the decisions of the simple majority of DAO voters with respect to distributions and other aspects of the RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s accounting.


The RMH Utility Tokenโ€™s books and records shall be kept in accordance with the accounting methods determined by the voters to be most advantageous to the project for financial and reporting purposes. The books and records shall be open to the reasonable inspection and examination of all RMH Utility Token DAO holders or their duly authorized representatives upon request.


The business, operations, and affairs of the RMH Utility Token will be managed under the direction of the holders in accordance with the governance procedures described in this White Paper.


The RMH token may be able to process payments within the network. This provides various advantages for network participants as well as the RMH Utility Token's exclusive owners. Payments may be made swiftly and easily from anywhere on the planet.


RMH UtilityToken provides numerous services that will grant RMH Utility Token holders access to the RMH Utility Token DAPPS for healthcare, Business services, health and wellness, podcasts, and Business Discounts. The RMH Utility Token DAO is a fully integrated ecosystem of decentralized Technology and healthcare, health and wellness DAPP service built on blockchain, AI and Metaverse technologies and controlled by its users collectively. The RMH Utility Token DAO governance is run upon a digital token called the "RMH Utility Token" The RMH DAO allows its holders to participate in decisions affecting the tokenโ€™s parameters of the business technology applications, healthcare, health and wellness DAPPS, NFT purchases, podcasts and advocacy services, written information and apps. RMH Utility Token is available for purchase giving the buyer a say and access to DAPPS that will be available to holders to create a higher quality of life and health.

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