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PHASE 1 Q3 2022

  • Website creation
  • Whitepaper and Legal Opinion
  • Social media and marketing created
  • Smart contract launch
  • Proprietary utility development apps and DAPPS for businesses.
  • Business , organizations and healthcare decentralized Apps Web3 website access for RMH
  • Utility Token holders.

PHASE 2 Q4 2022

  • CURES ACT integration apps for healthcare facilities.
  • Contracts with businesses, organizations and healthcare and wellness providers for upgrades to their current systems through blockchain, AI, metaverse as well as other technology-based applications.
  • Launch of the Ramit Ram game and the most unique gaming platform in the gaming sphere.
  • NFT Platform Utilization for the acquisition and or le of NonFungibleTokens.
  • The first minting and sales of the RMH Token NFT collections.
  • Dao Community Contest for giveaways to RMH Utility Token Holders
  • Grants awarded for businesses, organizations and healthcare, wellness, and community projects.

PHASE 3 Q1 2023

  • Metaverse Integration for Land for future use as healthcare, wellness, and customer service centers as well as business, AI and a NFT Art Gallery.
  • RMH Utility Token DAO community voting on Burns for the RMH Utility Token supply.
  • Additional contracts with multi-country business, organizations and healthcare and wellness centers for use of our RMH Utility Token technology applications and platforms.
  • Updated Road Map
  • Access to Dr. Snodgrass M.D., F.A.C.S., clinically-proven Protein Snack for patients, medical and wellness facilities where available.
  • New Podcast for RMH holders.